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What exactly do you get with the BOLD Business Boot Camp?


You will get a brand new, WordPress based website.  WordPress powers almost 19% of all websites.  It is easy to use, very powerful and stable.  It also looks great.  The website you will get will include your new logo, content created at the boot camp, your video and your headshots.  Your new website will include a home, about, contact and blog page.  You will receive some basic website training to allow you to make changes in the future.  Naturally, if you ever want to add more or change something, it will be easy to do.

Web Hosting

You will get 1 year of hosting for your new website.  You will have easy access to make changes, if necessary.  The web hosting will be with a trusted company that has served us well for years.

Real Email Address

You may have an email address.  This will be a more professional email address.  You will get an email address of  This will avoid the unprofessional that so many new start-ups use.

Domain Name for Your Website

With your new website you will get a professional, easy to find, type and tell your users what you do.  Our content strategists will find a domain name for you that your customers can easily find you with, remember and use.  You will own this domain name to keep forever, if you wish.  The domain name will be paid for an entire year.


You will receive a professionally designed logo.  Your logo is what people will see everywhere they see your business.  On social media pages, business cards, brochures, everywhere.  You need a compelling logo that you love and that conveys to your audience what you do.


You will receive a professionally taken and edited video.  This will be a video of you describing your business to your audience.  You will use the video on your website, social media and other marketing channels.  The video will be recorded at the boot camp itself in a studio we have setup.  The video will have background music, your logo and most importantly, you!

Head Shots

You will receive a professionally taken and edited head shots.  These photographs can be used in all of your marketing material, including your social media profiles.  A beautiful head shot can bring recognition to you as well as your brand.  Many start-ups fail to take the time to get professional photographs done.  Selfies don’t always work in business.  The head shots will be taken in a studio we set up at the boot camp.  The photographer will instruct you on day one what to wear/not to wear, etc.  This will lead to a professional image of you to distribute everywhere.

Business Cards

You will receive 500 professionally designed and printed business cards.  These business cards will utilize your logo and slogan, as well as real email address and web domain name.  The best part is, with the included networking, you will be able to give and take other business cards.  Business cards are something you get so you can give them away.

Rack Cards

You will receive 250 professionally designed and printed rack cards.  Rack cards are marketing pieces that are about 3 1/2 inches wide and 8 1/2 inches tall.  They are double sided and printed on a heavier paper.  You can use these on displays, trade shows or ad places that potential customers may visit.  These rack cards will utilize your logo and slogan, as well as real email address and web domain name.  Rack cards are the replacement for old-fashioned brochures.


You will receive a professionally designed and printed three foot wide banner.  You can use your new banner for tradeshows, in your store or wherever you have the need to show off what you can do that is visible from far away such as displays, trade shows or ad places that potential customers may visit.  These banners will utilize your logo and slogan.

Legal Entity Creation

You will receive an LLC as well as an Employee Identification Number along with your state tax IDs.  These are necessary to be legal and to limit your liability.  Your business and personal assets should be kept separate.  These will help you accomplish that.

Facebook Page

You will receive a Facebook page for your business with a professionally designed header.  Social media is a must have for most businesses.  In addition to the actual creation of the Facebook page, we will help you create posts and train you on future content creation.

Twitter Account

You will receive a Twitter account for your business with a professionally designed header.  Social media is a must have for most businesses.  In addition to the actual creation of the Twitter account, we will help you create posts and train you on future content creation.

LinkedIn Account

You will receive a LinkedIn account for your business with a professionally designed header.  LinkedIn is the Facebook of business.  Many business owners use LinkedIn as their rolodex to connect people they know to each other.  It is also a great platform to get noticed and to post your content.  In addition to the actual creation of the LinkedIn account, we will help you create posts and train you on future content creation.  We have a speaker specifically at the boot camp for creating a killer LinkedIn profile.

YouTube Account

You will receive a YouTube account for your business with a professionally designed header.  YouTube is the second most visited non-porn website.  Video is growing and YouTube is at the heart of that growth.  It is also a great platform to get noticed and to post your content.  In addition to the actual creation of the YouTube account, we will post your new video and train you on future content creation.

Business Coaching

You will receive three months of business coaching for your business with a professional business coach.  When starting and running a  business, it can be tough to stay on track.  A business coach will help guide you during and after the boot camp.  In addition, you will team up with other students to keep each other accountable.  There are two things that will kill a business: 1) lack of drive and 2) lack of resourcefulness.  Your business coach will help you with both of those.

Plus you get training on:

Cash Management

Your business will make money.  Cash flow issues can kill an otherwise great business.  This training will teach you how to manage when and how you pay vendors, keep accurate records and generally keep the flow of money smooth throughout your business.

Time Management

Your business will take a lot of your time to build and enjoy.  Time management issues can kill an otherwise great business owner.  More stress can be related to this issue than most others in business.  You need to know how to spend your time to avoid wasting it.  This training will teach you how to manage your time, to get more done in less time and be more productive because of it.  Action does not necessarily equal useful activity.

Content Strategy

This training will give you some strategies to use for creating valuable and useful content for your clients and potential customers.  This session will get you ideas for blogs, social media posts, ad strategies as well as content for your website.  You know what you want to say, but do you really know how to say it?

Customer Service Training

You know you are great at what you do.  Do your customers have the trust they need to actually hire you?  Or more importantly, refer you for additional business?  This session will delve into the world of building trust and relationships with customers to improve your image as well as your bottom line.


If nobody knows your business exists, will it survive?  You need to tell the world, or at least the people that would buy from you, that you do exist, you are great and they need to come and check you out!  This marketing strategy segment even includes an additional one hour 1on1 marketing strategy session outside of the boot camp to use when you see fit.

Commercial Lending

How do you get the money you need to start and operate your business?  In this session, you will learn how to present your business to banks, credit unions and other agencies to illustrate just what they want so you can get the capital you need.

Networking Strategy

When walking into a room of strangers, what do you do?  Do you hang out and watch them all mingle or do you mingle?  This session will teach you how to become a great networker that can meet people, connect with them and connect them to other people.  This will make a web of influence with you at the center.  You will use your new business cards to meet, greet and make magic happen in an environment that would otherwise scare untrained professionals.

Understanding Financial Statements

This session will teach you how to read your profit and loss statements as well as your balance sheet.  You need to know where you are in order to help define where you want to go.  Knowing the numbers of your business can help you know how to improve them.


This session will teach you how to plan, pay and avoid unnecessary taxes on you and your business.  Taxes are inevitable, but overpaying them is not a great strategy.  This session will teach you tips and tricks to keep your business operating in a tax efficient way.

Commercial Insurance

The liability you may take on with your business is real.  Without the right protection you can lose more than your business.  With this session on commercial insurance, you will learn what coverage to have, what is practical and what is legal.  Many business owners are not aware of what is available for insurance and what they truly need.

HR and Employees

If there is one thing that you must know about beyond cash flow, it is employees.  Even when working with subcontractors you need to know certain things that may not necessarily be common sense.  Do you have an employee handbook?  How do you tell if you have an employee or a subcontractor?  How do you pay employees?  What happens if an employee gets hurt?  These are all questions that will be answered and more at this session.

Payment Acceptance

How will you accept payments for your business?  Will you accept cash, check, credit cards, Bitcoin?  How will you process payments?  Will you use Paypal, Stripe, Square or some other merchant service provider?  This session will make clear the best way for you to accept payments.

Operational Systems & Strategy

This session will help you get systems in place for smooth operation of your business when you are and are not around.  What improvements will need to be made at what time?  You want to do it all, but often you cannot due to outside circumstances.  This session will help you know how to make faster, better decisions and to implement the decisions you made.  A business owners most powerful tool is their ability to make fast decisions.

Work Life Balance

If ever there was an overused phrase that was misunderstood, this is it.  You need to keep tabs on what you spend your time on so you are not taking away from your relationships.  You also want to avoid burnout.  This session will give you simple strategies to implement to keep work at work and play at play.


Getting home from a hard day of work and feeling too tired to enjoy your time off is no good.  How do you get all you need to done and still function well enough to play with your kids, go on a date or just relax without falling asleep?  The secrets to maintaining or increasing your energy level will be taught throughout the boot camp.  How else do we expect you to actually retain this knowledge.  We also have a DJ in the room with us, ready to boost your energy level, if needed.  This boot camp will be more fun than you ever thought possible at an event like this.

…And more!

We keep adding extra things to the BOLD Business Boot Camp.  We have a few surprises and prizes for the attendees.  Our job is to help you get your business up and moving.  You will love what we add to this list.

Meet the experts that will be training you:

James Kademan

Draw In Customers Business Coaching

James Kademan has been beating a path towards success for quite a while. Having started businesses, running businesses and helping others start and run businesses James can be politely described as a relentless follower of consistent improvement. He strives to get people to challenge themselves to go beyond what they had ever hoped to become. Turns out they like that.

E. W. Fedosky

WebWrights Digital Marketing & Web Design

Ed has spent the last 10 years honing the craft of creating Websites that actually convert Website visitors into new customers and clients. He can show you what it takes and help make it happen. Doesn’t your business need more leads, more customers, more sales? Of course it does. Get Ed’s help so your business takes off strong.

Amber Swenor

Amber Swenor

Strategic Marketing Partners

My Grandma Shelby was a wild-thing, the life of the party. Her brand was: “Fun, Outgoing, Wild!”
Grandma Evie was calm, always tending to everyone’s needs and someone who I could talk to without judgment. Her brand was: “Reliable, Dedicated, Wise.”
My grannies had their own brands. You knew exactly what you were going to get being around them. You knew what they stood for and how they’d make you feel. I call this the Granny-Test… would your business pass?
Be Known for Something. Make People Feel Something. In it’s simplest form, that is what it means to have a brand. The process to develop your brand strategy however, is not always simple. Developing a valued brand involves a lot of thought, evaluation and consistent effort.
I help businesses grow by building their brand. I do this by being a highly skilled problem solver, people-relater, strategic, creative and forward-thinking.

Leia Schneeberger

Leia Schneeberger

Midwest Family Marketing

My strategic management / marketing career started 24 years ago. I was about 7 years old when I used to park cars for the Badger Football Games. One year nobody was parking, I asked my dad what the deal was. He said the team wasn’t very good so nobody was going to the games. I told him they needed to fire the coach, get a new one so the team would be better, win more games and then more people would attend. That way more people would need parking, I could fill the lot, make a bunch of money and head up to the local grocery store and get my fix of Tootsie Rolls and Cheetos. The very next year the University fired the coach and hired Barry Alverez!

What I learned from parking cars and making money is that the more money I made, the more stuff I could get. I started selling Lemonade. Lemonade sales were great until it got cold. So I started selling hot apple cider instead. I made a killing from this! I used to sell cucumbers out of my parents garden, washed cars, set up mini restaurants in my yard, wrote plays and went around getting donations, the list goes on and on.

Today I help other businesses with ideas on how they too can generate more sales.

Jessica Kramer

Kramer, Elkins & Watt, LLC

As an attorney at Kramer, Elkins & Watt, LLC (“KEW”) in Madison, Wisconsin, Jessica handles employment law matters for businesses and represents landlords in all aspects of landlord-tenant law. Whether she is navigating the complex maze of regulations, providing advice on getting rid of that problem employee or problem tenant, or providing an appropriately aggressive defense when a claim or dispute has been filed against a client before a court or government agency, Jessica is there for her clients every step of the way.  Jessica has been working with clients in the Madison area for over 13 years and enjoys getting to know her client’s business, case, or legal issue intimately so that she can provide the best representation possible. Jessica and her partners at KEW also handle all types of civil litigation, family law, and assist businesses with various legal needs. The attorneys at KEW take their clients seriously, put them first, and collaborate with them to approach sensible solutions.


Janet Durrow

Sorge CPA

Janet is originally from Columbus, WI and moved to Madison in 1986 to pursue her undergraduate degree.
After managing her own day care business, Janet went back to school for accounting at Upper Iowa University, while working full-time in an administrative position. She went on to join Sorge CPA in 2006.
When she’s not balancing her debits and credits, Janet likes spending time with her children. She also enjoys reading, cooking, and playing volleyball.
One of our most important goals is to provide you with a process improvement system that will generate the most wealth for you while reducing the amount of time you need to spend running your business. This process centers on identifying key reports and tasks on which the business owner needs to focus in order to generate the best return on investment and have the most fun.

John Lang Photographer

John Lang

Photography by John Lang

I’ve been a professional photographer for over 47 years in commercial studios, portrait and wedding studios, corporate photography and video production.  I specialize in professional photographs for business professionals.

Zach Nigh

Green Clock Films

Zach Nigh is a serial entrepreneur who has started and run several successful companies including three in the video production industry. His strong leadership is felt on set of any shoot where he is directing and making the process easy and effective. When he isn’t closing business deals and directing top notch films he is letting his competitive nature shine through playing several sports and being a dedicated family man to his wife and two children.

Andrea Hughes

Andrea Hughes


Andrea Hughes is the Regional Project Director for Wisconsin Women’s Business Initiative Corporation (WWBIC) which assists people with starting and growing their small businesses.
She is responsible for the overall coordination of the WWBIC services at the South Central office which include one-on-one counseling, business education programs, and small business loan funding.
Andrea has owned two successful businesses, Event Management Company which specialized in Agri-tourism events, and Madison Food Explorers, a walking food tour company.
Prior to her work at WWBIC she was an instructional design manager at CUNA, INC. At that time, she designed educational programs, like the business lending school, to assist credit unions with developing their business services and lending programs.
Andrea earned bachelor degrees in Communication Arts and Education from the University of Wisconsin – Madison.


Monica Schraml

M3 Insurance

Monica is a licensed insurance agent with M3 Insurance dedicated to serving the needs of small businesses and nonprofit organizations.
She is passionate about supporting small businesses and nonprofits in my community and enjoy using my 20+ years of insurance experience to help protect their organizations.
Her specialties include assisting small businesses (those who employ 50 or fewer employees) with focus on nonprofit organizations and manufacturers.

Mason Tikkanen

Mason Tikkanen

Motus Financial

Mason Tikkanen serves the merchant processing needs of small businesses all over the country.  Hi no-nonsense approach to getting you the easiest, most cost effective solution has saved many companies thousands of dollars.  His experience working with companies of all sizes has made him a man with the answers in regards to payment processing for your business.

Terri Mccarthy

Terri McCarthy

In Business Magazine

Terri McCarthy, multi-media strategist with In Business Magazine, will discuss what to consider when constructing a business-to-business ad.  She will share her 10 plus years of experience as a multi-media strategist and 25 years of media-planning in a business-to-business environment to offer insights on business-to-business advertising.

Erin Ogden

Erin Ogden

OgdenGlazer, LLC

As a business and intellectual property attorney, Erin works with clients to find the best combination of protection for any given asset. By looking at the entire business and transaction, Erin can help you determine the best combination of patents, trademarks, copyright, trade secret, and contract to best identify, protect, and monetize your assets and innovations.
Her specialties include: Trademarks, copyrights, licensing, non-compete and non-disclosure agreements.

Brenda Bernstein

Brenda Bernstein

The Essay Expert

Brenda Bernstein is the owner of The Essay Expert LLC and author of the #1 Amazon best-seller, How to Write a KILLER LinkedIn Profile. A compelling speaker, award-winning businesswoman and top-certified resume writer, Brenda has worked with hundreds of professionals and executives who understand the value of an effective LinkedIn profiles.
Brenda is one of a handful of Certified Master Resume Writers (CMRWs) and Certified Executive Resume Masters (CERMs) worldwide. She holds an English degree from Yale and a J.D. from NYU, both with honors. Her team of award-winning writers insert the “wow” factor into every client’s writing project!

Kirsty Blattner

Kirsty Blattner

Aussie Speaker

Kirsty Blattner is passionate about helping people shift from a place of stress, overwhelm and burnout – to relaxation, clarity and motivation. Kirsty’s experienced the frustration as well as the joys of being a service provider and loves sharing her tool belt of knowledge, personal experience and coaching techniques. Her joy is seeing people transform their lives and taking steps toward living a life they love. Kirsty will be speaking on work/life balance.


Coreyne Woodman-Holoubek

Contracted Leadership

Coreyne Woodman-Holoubek earned her Degree in Personnel and Development and Organizational Development in the United Kingdom.  She then went on to work with a number international businesses and start-ups as a Human Resource Coordinator, Manager, or Specialist, focusing on talent acquisition and employees’ engagement at work.  At Contracted Leadership Coreyne specializes in developing HR initiatives and programming solutions tied to business objectives to improve the quality of work life and organizational communication.  She is also the President and lead organizer of Disrupt Madison and Milwaukee, an annual conference, that encourages and inspires organizations and employees to shatter the conventional ideals of the world of work.

The Value of What You’ll Leave With:

What You Get Value
Slogan $100-1,000 (Included!)
Business Cards $100 (Included!)
Rack Cards $300 (Included!)
Letterhead $300 (Included!)
Business Name $100-1,000 (Included!)
Complete Website $1,500-10,000 (Included!)
SEO $1,500-10,000 (Included!)
Domain Name $15 (Included!)
Web hosting $150 (Included!)
Real Email Address $50 (Included!)
Banner $150 (Included!)
Legal Entity $150 (Included!)
EIN Number Time (Included!)
Time Management Priceless (Included!)
What You Get Value
Tax ID Time (Included!)
Marketing Training $5000 (Included!)
Head shots $350 (Included!)
Videos $400 (Included!)
Facebook Page Time (Included!)
LinkedIn Page Time (Included!)
Twitter Page Time (Included!)
YouTube Page Time (Included!)
Social Media Posts Time (Included!)
Blogs $50-2,500 (Included!)
Google Analytics Time (Included!)
Mentors Time (Included!)
Business Coach $500-10,000 (Included!)
Payment Options Time (Included!)
Registration Coming Soon

Is BOLD right for me?

There are only two reasons why you would come to the BOLD Business Boot Camp.

1. You are starting a business and want the piddly business stuff done so you can move on with your business.

2. You already started your business and have realized you may have missed a few things that this boot camp can help you with.

Either way, the BOLD Business Boot Camp will get your business going.  In just six weeks we will take your business from wimpy dream to muscle bound and hard driving reality.

You get a logo, business cards, brochures, and marketing for your business. You will also leave with a real Website that you can control and change as your business evolves.  On top of all of that, you will learn the secrets to running a successful business by the titans in industry that have been where you are and fought their way to running successful businesses.

You may get a little dirty, you may sweat a bit, you will probably hate your drill sergeant.  But after six weeks you will be a better person and you will own a better business.  Most importantly, you will be on your way to what you are striving for, namely, FREEDOM!

The BOLD Business Boot camp starts at 0800 hours on Tuesday mornings, starting September 12th of 2017.  Meet us on the second floor of the Fresh Market building.  Join other newbie boot campers who are just as lost as you.  We will fill you with coffee and fruit and get the boot camp started.

The BOLD Business Boot Camp is only six weeks. We will need to hustle to get everything done in a timely, orderly and enjoyable fashion. But just because it’s boot camp does not mean you need to hate it.  Quite the contrary, this may be the best six weeks you have lived in a long time.  Your business will be dramatically better because of it.

Bold Business Boot Camp FAQ

Will we be high-fiving? 2017-08-09T18:49:20+00:00

Yes. A thousand times yes.

Can I just get business coaching? 2017-08-09T18:48:47+00:00

Yes. James Kademan offers business coaching in small group as well as 1 on 1. Please call (608)210-2221 or email

Do you offer discounts for X? 2017-08-09T18:42:12+00:00

The Bold Business Boot Camp packs a lot of material, education and tangible items in a short amount of time. The value of the boot camp is estimated at around $40,000, not including time or opportunity cost for doing this all on your own. Currently, we do not have many discounts available.

What type of website will I get? 2017-08-09T18:41:16+00:00

You will receive a WordPress based website. This allows you to make changes to your website (if you want) in the future easily. Your website will include the domain name, web hosting and basic search engine optimization setup. Your website will also include your new video and head shot as well as links to your social media pages. The value of this website alone is higher than the cost of the boot camp.

What if I want something more or different than what is offered at the Bold Business Boot Camp? 2017-08-09T18:40:41+00:00

If you would like additional options or changes to what we have created for you (EG: adding an appointment scheduling option to your website or foil stamping on business cards) we have many additional add-ons available. These can be added by our team of trusted vendors during or after the boot camp.

I have been in business for X years. Can I still attend? 2017-08-09T18:39:58+00:00

Yes. It is amazing how starting a business can put a lot of things that you should have done on a list that never gets done. This boot camp may help you complete a lot of what you have on that list.

What all do I get with the Bold Business Boot Camp? 2017-08-09T18:39:24+00:00

This is a long list. We keep adding to the list based on feedback and discovering new and exciting opportunities for start-ups. Check out the list above and visit:

Who will be presenting at the BOLD Business Boot Camp? 2017-09-19T19:34:34+00:00

James Kademan of Draw In Customers Business Coaching will be hosting the event. A number of other speakers will be presenting on their specific area of expertise. You can find the entire list, with bios at

Why aren’t you charging more? 2017-08-09T18:21:50+00:00

Coming up with a price point that allows start-ups to join us as well as get the students the quality of product and training that they need was a tough lesson in navigation. Perhaps next time we do this we will charge more. For now, consider this the deal of your business lifetime.

How can I contact the organizer with any questions? 2017-08-09T18:20:14+00:00

Call (608)210-2221 or email with any questions you may have.

How much does this cost? 2017-09-19T19:40:42+00:00

There are a few different price points for the BOLD Business Boot Camp as well as an ala carte option.
The price for the entire boot camp is $5200 for the all of the existing and future videos, all of the webinars and all of the tangible items.  
Access to the video classes only is available for $29 for one month of access and $4 for each additional month.
The ala carte tangible items list comes in two options ranging from $500 – $2500, based on what you want. 
If you have further questions about pricing, feel free to call (608)210-2221 or email

Can I do this all myself? 2017-09-19T19:47:50+00:00

You could skip this BOLD Business Boot Camp and do everything yourself.  Some of this will just cost you a lot of time, as well as much more money.

When you start a business, you have a list of enemies. These enemies include:
Lack of Time
Feeling a Loss of Control

What army will you use to fight these enemies?

The BOLD Business Boot Camp brings an army to your aid to help you defeat these enemies. This army will train you and supply the necessary tools to not only conquer your enemies, but to make you stronger so that these enemies never come back to bother you again.

Could you put your own army together? Maybe.

The training you will receive over the course of the boot camp retails for over $6,000.  With all of this combined you will have a value of over $20,000 for a fraction of that.  And of course, you will not be the one hunched over a desk putting all of this together.  It will be done for you. It will be done professionally, timely and with available ongoing updates from you.

Without an army to help you defeat these enemies, your business may never get started. You may be defeated before you even open.

Realistically, will you do all of this to get your business started?  With the BOLD Business Boot Camp, all of this and more will be done with you.  Without this boot camp, you will have a to-do list that will continually grow as you juggle between running your business and trying to play catch-up to what you should have done months ago.  Your business may falter.  You business may be beaten. You owe it to your business to get it started quickly, easily and beautifully and with the strength that only a trained army can provide.  The BOLD Business Boot Camp is the most efficient way to get all of this work done.

More Questions?

 We would be happy to answer any questions you may have.  Contact us via phone: (608)210-2221 or email: